adidas x Abbey Road // Forum Studio

Over the summer of 2021 I acted as a music consultant on this wonderful project for adidas & Abbey Road.

Abbey Road Studios opened its doors to offer the opportunity of a lifetime for undiscovered talent to receive mentorship and develop their skills under the same roof as the likes of The Beatles, Oasis, Frank Ocean, Jorja Smith and Stefflon Don have done before.

4 unsigned artists were given a week at Abbey Road to produce 2 tracks each. As well as consulting on the process as a whole, we put together the team of producers, session players and mix engineers behind the scenes helping the artists bring their tracks to life. Check out the results on Spotify here

I’m now working as a mentor for these artists on the behalf of adidas, I’m excited to see where their careers go from here!

Ghostpoet // Concrete Pony

Super happy to see the first single from Ghostpoet’s upcoming album ‘I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep’  out online! Was a joy to be involved in the albums making, this track has me on piano and guitars. Check out the epic ‘Concrete Pony’ video directed by Thomas James. 

Z by HP // Score & Location Sound

Made some original music for a bunch of videos for HP to highlight their top of the range computers ZbyHP. As a company we did the location sound on the shoots around the world and provided all the original music, so we’re pretty pleased with how they’ve come out. Head over to the House of Noise website where you can see a bunch of the other work we’ve been up to :) 

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